Temperature Card

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The Room Thermometer card can be used in any room in the office or building. It instantly shows whether the room is at the recommended temperature, too hot or too cold. Heating a room to a temperature above the "Comfortable" zone will waste energy and result in higher than necessary fuel bills. Also saves energy and your carbon footprint!

Most adults find it difficult to judge room temperature and the use of a simple room thermometer in rooms where you work is important. Place this room thermometer on the wall or where you need to check the temperature and you will always know.

  • Energy Saving Eco Room Thermometer Card Wipe Clean Surface
  • Ensure room is not dangerously hot or uncomfortably cold
  • No mercury. Laminated Card Dimensions 105mm x 148mm
  • A one degree centigrade reduction in heating saves energy and up to 8% of your heating costs
  • Helps you to keep in your comfort zone
  • Laminated to give a dry wipe hygienic clean surface. Also suitable for areas of high humidity.
  • and Fahrenheit markings
  • Centigrade temperature increments at 14C 16C, 18C, 20C, 22C, 24C and 26C