Oxford Bus & Cycle Map

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Many University staff commute by bicycle so the arrival of a new edition of the Oxford Bus & Cycle Map is very welcome.

The map was produced by Richard Mann of Transport Paradise, whose site offers advice on improving urban transport with examples from Oxford and elsewhere. The cycle map itself shows two complete cycle networks.

  • Quieter routes shown in blue
  • Main commuter routes shown in red

The blue (quieter) routes are suitable for family and leisure cycling, with routes through quiet streets or away from the roads altogether, through parks and beside the river. The red (main commuter) routes  show a complete, joined up network, with dotted lines to identify those parts of it where cycle provision is poorer, rather than a patchy network of good cycle routes.

There is also a bus map on the reverse, separating the routes into four colours – red, blue, green and yellow. These are used to group the main routes, to make it easier to follow them visually through the concentration of routes in the city centre. The frequency of services is indicated by solid, dashed or dotted lines.

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