Non-Hazardous waste Guide

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A simple guide to disposing of non-hazardous Waste within the University.

The University of Oxford is committed to reducing its impact on the environment by preventing, reducing and recycling of its waste. Every staff member and student affects the amount of waste produced and the University's recycling rate.

Departments are advised to consider all other options before disposing of waste, according to the Waste Hierarchy. The Waste Hierarchy looks to; reduce, reuse and recycling waste prior to final disposal. The higher up the Waste Hierarchy you operate the better for the environment, and better financially for the University.

To assist with moving up the Waste Hierarchy the University of Oxford operates a re-use scheme – WARPit – to enable departments to re-home a whole range of items prior to purchase or disposal, more information on WARPit is available here and you can register for WARPit here.

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Additional information

The University’s operations are very diverse and it is not possible to list all waste types, if you have any queries regarding non-hazardous waste email as appropriate to ensure you and the University are able to meet their legal Duties of Care.