Stefani Water Filters

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Stefani was founded in 1947 by Four Brothers from Jaboticabal in the state of Sao Paulo Brazil, and still to this day, the company remains a family business. In keeping with tradition and introducing new technologies ensures the best products and the purest of water for a better quality of life.

The company is a founding member of the Water Quality Association, and Stefani products can be found in dozens of countries in all 5 continents. Stefani, conscious that it is everyone's responsibility to preserve the natural environment, constantly searches for sustainable developments and activities that do not cause environmental damage.

Guiding its activities inside the strictest process and with respect for nature, the extraction of its raw materials is carried out under licence from the Ministry of Natural Environment. The company actively participates in the reforestation of the margins of the Mogi-Guacu River.