Using Your Voice

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  • Ask your local shop or supermarket whether they sell local or environmentally friendly produce
  • If enough people asked for it they would
  • Find out what your political representatives are doing about climate change
  • Climate change means an uncertain future, so it's up to you to make sure they are taking it seriously

  • Sign Downing Street petitions online and suggest environmental actions to our PM
  • Search petitions for the words energy, environment or climate change
  • Visit Turn up the Heat to petition companies to make their actions more environmentally friendly
  • Attend one of the monthly local Greenpeace or Friends of the Earth meetings and find out more about local campaigning on environmental issues
  • If you need an issue to get your teeth into, Ban the bulb are involved in an on-going campaign to phase out and ban incandescent light bulbs and encourage the uptake of energy efficient technologies

  • Put your savings where your mouth is: find out about your bank's environmental policy and if it's not up to scratch move to one that's better.
  • The Co-operative Bank are known for their strong environmental stance.
  • If you have money to invest consult the Ethical Investment Association or the UK Social Investment Forum for information about green funds and environmentally conscious financial advice
  • Do you have a passion for green spaces and wildlife? The Campaign to Protect Rural England focus on protecting the rural landscape in an environmentally friendly way and supporting local food, energy and communities.
  • Climate Outreach & Information Network organises a Local Policy Action Group, which aims to enhance the actions taken on climate change by Oxfordshire's local authorities, both through lobbying and discussion.

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