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  • Buy second hand from car boot sales.
  • Buy and sell things in the small ads in your local paper, Daily Info or web-based auction sites like eBay and Oxford-based Scoodi.
  • Try your loacl Antique Fairs for antique furniture and vintage items.
  • Shop local and don't use a car you'll be in good company: a recent study in Bristol showed that 78% of people didn't drive to the shops (44% walked, 8% cycled and 16% took the bus).
  • Orinoco Scrapstore run a re-use project that rescues household paint, garden tools and a range of business waste from a tragic end in a landfill or incinerator and makes them available for free or at low cost to anyone who wants them.
  • Instead of spending money and natural resources on new DVDs, why not rent your DVDs by-post for a fraction of what they cost to buy (less than 2 each). Or visit your local library to browse the latest releases and request new ones.
  • Get used books and CDs from second hand bookshops or from Amazon for a fraction of their new prices.
  • There are a number of unique charity shops (such as No Tat in The Covered Market, Oxford), Age Concern or Oxfam shops.
  • Choose not to consume as much and make things last longer.

  • Consumer choices: use your power as a consumer to support low energy, long-lasting or organic products.
  • Why shop when you can swap? Contact your local Community Action Group or look out for posters for their regular Saturday Swap Shops.
  • Buy A+ or A++-Rated appliances: as it not only saves you energy and money, it also encourages manufacturers to make their products more efficient. The Energy Saving Trust and your local Energy Advice Centre have more information on energy saving products.
  • Buy recycled products online at the Recycled Products website.

  • Why not de-clutter by holding your own swap shop amongst your friends and family, any left over items can be given to charity or put on Freecycle.
  • Shop less, live more: do something more rewarding (and less costly) with your time such as volunteering for a local group or charity, for ideas visit our Leisure and Communities sections.

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