POWERplus® Elephant Rechargeable Powerbank

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POWERplus® Elephant Rechargeable Powerbank



The POWERplus Elephant is a powerful wind up, mains and 12 V rechargeable Powerbank and eco PowerStation and jump-starter which can easily be charged by hand windup dynamo, AC or DC - and will even jump start a car!

The Elephant - a tough heavyweight solution to portable power. Mains, 12V and Wind-Up rechargeable. With LCD control panel, the Elephant can jump start a flat battery for cars, motorbikes, boats - in fact most 12 VDC engine systems. Not only that but the Elephant has a built in 240 Volt AC generator, so that any device up to 100 Watts can be powered anywhere anytime. Ideal for camping, emergencies, travel, garden, and remote location and off grid use.


- Integrated clamp cables
- Powerful 200A jump starter
- Multi voltage output
- Backlight LCD display
- 1W LED/warning light

This product acn be used in conjunction with the PowerPlus Albatross solar panel to ensure that the Elephant is always ready to go.

If you have any questions on this product - please contact us on 01491 836401