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It Must Be Green recommends the VeryPC range of energy effecient computers

Switching to a VeryPC GreenPC can save you electricity and help you do your bit for the environment. Studies have shown that as many as 30% of home users leave their computers on all the time, which means for these people, switching to a GreenPC should save as much as £342 in electricity over the next 4 years. This is likely saving more energy than your fridge freezer uses! In CO2 terms, switching to a GreenPC Treeton II is equivalent to planting as many as 13 trees.

But what makes a Green PC?

  • Reducing average power consumption by a significant margin
The quality low energy components we use mean our GreenPCs run at lower temperatures and near silently. Tests also show that energy consumption is a quarter of typical PCs and even half of some other green computers on the market. By Reducing power consumption a direct measurable CO2e and OpEx saving can be achieved.

Real world case studies suggest replacing servers or PCs with £1000 of VeryPC energy efficient equipment would result in emissions savings of over 600kg per year.

  • Reducing the quantity of raw materials consumed and increase recyclability.
Using smaller parts and making circuit boards with fewer unused components can significantly reduce the size of the machine, and thus the quantity of raw materials consumed. Reducing plastic content and replacing it with easily recycled materials allows for a guaranteed useful recycled product. Hazardous substances should be avoided, not only to comply with legislation, but wherever possible we exclude unregulated hazardous substances from computers.

All components are RoHS compliant and therefore do not contain hazardous substances. We are fully WEEE registered, so all our business customers' waste is fully recycled rather than ending up in a landfill.

For every GreenPC Treeton sold, a tree is planted in the VeryPC grove of the Caledonian Forest in association with Trees for Life (Scotland). Coordinates of your tree are available on request. Click here to find out about our grove.

  • Performing like an alternative, not a compromise, and realistically lasting the customer 5 years
By carefully selecting the highest quality components, we produce PCs that perform better for longer. We are confident that our machines have lifespans of at least 5 years compared to the industry standard of 3.

VeryPC desktops are almost all dual core powerhouses and our servers have up to sixteen processing cores. VeryPC computers often have features like polymer capacitors to ensure a long lifetime.

It is no good buying a product that has a short lifetime (either in performance or reliability) as this generates more waste and costs the customer more money in the long term.

Founded in 2004, VeryPC set out to provide an ethical IT solution, reducing energy consumption and providing a more sustainable product. VeryPC launched its first GreenPC in 2005, based on the AMD Turion processor.

In January 2007 VeryPC's Green computer systems claimed national recognition with an award from Computer Buyer and coverage in publications from the Daily Mail to USA Today and were featured on Working Lunch.

By December 2007 the company was further recognised and was awarded a PC Pro award for 'Environmental Innovator of the Year', as well as three VeryPC products receiving a 'Recommended' award.

2008 has seen the company grow substantially, aquiring new customers from Good Energy to Esher College. In June 2008 VeryPC moved to its new factory at Parkwood Springs in Sheffield, which was opened by Secretary of State for the environment, the Rt Hon. Hilary Benn MP and the former Home Secretary, the Rt Hon. David Blunkett MP. This resulted in the entirity of VeryPC's production now being located in Sheffield.

The company applied for, and was awarded the 'Made in Sheffield' mark for its products. Sheffield being a protected name under law, the process involved an inspection by the Sheffield Company of Cutlers, to ensure that a significant state change had occurred in the city.

In tribute to receiving the mark, Peter Hopton (MD of VeryPC) ordered the first 'Made in Sheffield' Treeton PC to be sold at auction in aid of St. Luke's Hospice, the favourite charity of the Master Cutler.