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  • Burials are better for the environment than cremations, as crematoriums emit mercury and other noxious chemicals into the atmosphere and consume large amounts of energy.
  • Friends of the Earth give guidance on environmentally friendly ways of remembering loved ones and holding green funerals.
  • The Natural Death Centre has a helpline and gives advice on organising funerals and on natural burial grounds.
  • You can arrange a woodland burial in a dedicated section of your local City Council cemeteries. These burials usually involve cardboard, wicker or bamboo coffins and a sapling, woodland bulbs and plants can be planted at the head of the grave in place of a headstone.
  • Funeral homes such as The Midcounties Co-operative and other local undertakers can advise on woodland burials and alternatives to wooden coffins.
  • Go green has information on environmentally friendly coffins, including natural urns for sea burials and elegant eco pods, including ones that families can decorate themselves.
  • Register deceased friends or relatives with the Mailing Preference Service to prevent companies continuing to send post in their name.

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