2.6W Sunsei SE-150 solar trickle car charger

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2.6W Sunsei SE-150 solar trickle car charger



DZ Energy's 170mA charger is a 2.6W solar powered car battery maintainer that will trickle charge a 12V battery. Ideal for cars, small boats, motorbikes and other vehicles.

Please note, as with all solar vehicle chargers, to charge via the cigarette lighter socket, the socket must be live when the ignition is switched off. If this is not the case you can still use the charger by connecting directly to the battery with the crocodile clips provided.

* Never overcharges.
* Connects in seconds via the cigarette lighter socket or crocodile clips.
* Verify sunlight exposure (and operation) by the push of a button.
* Easily mounted on the inside of a car window using suction cups.
* Requires simple addition of silicon sealant for long-term outdoor use.
* Built-in discharge protection.
* Comes with 4ft cigarette lighter adaptor cable, 10ft battery clamp cable and set of 4 suction cups.
* Rated at 2.6W (170mAmps@15.5V).
* Measures 395 x 175 x 15mm; weighs 750g.
* 10 year warranty on panel output.

(Please note, these panels were formerly produced under ICP´s Sunsei brand).