4.3W Car Battery Solar Charger

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Avoid dead vehicle batteries by using the power of the sun to keep your battery charged.

ICP Solar (makers of the Sunsei range) designed this car solar charger specifically to prevent dead batteries from vehicle factory to dealer lot. Used by the likes of Nissan and Volkswagen, this battery trickle charger is not generally available to retail, but you can now buy it exclusively from Select Solar Ltd.

Car batteries will drain if the vehicle is left for long periods of time, or in extremes of temperature. And the increased electronics in modern cars cause an electrical draw from the battery even when they are not being used. With the new generation of cars including more and more embedded electronics such as GPS navigation systems, DVD players, cruise control, hand free cell phones, and voice activation, the battery drain on new cars will become more of an issue. Dead car batteries are expensive to replace, but investing in a professional 12v solar charger will help ensure this doesn't happen to you!

ICP's OEM Solar Charger installs in seconds. Simply plug it into the car's OBD2/EOBD plug (the On Board Diagnostics plug found in all petrol cars sold in the EU from 2001 and diesels from 2004). For more information about the OBD2/EOBD plug visit knol.google.com/k/eobd# and en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ODB2#OBD-II.

You can hold the solar powered battery charger in place against the windscreen using the suction cups fitted on the corners. You will need to unplug and remove the charger when you are driving.

* 4.3W Professional high power solar charger from ICP, makers of Sunsei chargers
* Built in charge controller to protect against battery overcharge.
* Uses the car's OBD2/EOBD plug to connect to the battery.
* Suction cups stick to windshield
* Rugged Design with rubber bumpers integrated into frame.
* Dimensions (mm): 380 x 260 x 27, Weight: 1.1kg
* Rated 240mA @ 18V, 4.3W
* These 12v chargers are ideal for modern cars with lots of gadgets!

Please note that there is no LED indicator on the unit to show that it is charging. It operates as soon as it is plugged in and receiving sunlight. The internal controller will prevent it overcharging the battery.